OG Cares Foundation

       OG Cares is a foundation aimed at helping children become skilled adults at their communities. It is for children who do not have any hope for their future and who need to be provided with the necessary resources. I am the chairman of the board of this foundation and look forward to providing children who do not have many opportunities the option to have options.  I also come from humble beginnings which strengthen my ability to achieve and I have seen it as a strength.  If given the chance similarly these children excel in everything in life.

        I believe that all children havethe capacity to achieve if provided with support and guidance. That is what OG Cares foundation is doing and that is why I am happy to be the chairman of the board.

We provide children with the skills they need to be successful; including leadership skills and specialized knowledge. There are many children around the world who struggle with various difficulties in their life and who do not have enough support to achieve their goals. Our foundation has a global focus and we assist children all over the world.  I want to help millions of childrenreach their goals through our OG cares program.I believe that by investing in the youth of today, we will develop the international leaders of tomorrow.

One of my favorite programs is our advanced educational programs for children.  I have personally seen many children grow to the next level through these programs.

Another of my favorite global programs includes our weekly homework club where students can be motivated and inspired to actually reach their ongoing homework goals and graduate to higher learning.I have been very proud of OG Cares because we also provide psychological support of children who are being bullied, children with low self-esteem and various family issues.  Visit our website at www.ogcares.org.

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